giovedì 22 maggio 2014

Eventi - THE GREAT WAR ROME 2014

Initiative – University of  Rome “La Sapienza”, one of the most ancient  Italian Universities and the biggest one in Europe, launches the call for papers for an international Conference in History and Political Science “The Great War. Analysis and Interpretation”, which will be held in Rome on June 19th - 20th, 2014.

Aim - The Conference aims at encouraging a new debate on the theories and reconsidering traditional academic cliché, thus welcoming less studied topics regarding the Great War.

Modality - Program contains both six plenary sessions and thematic sessions structured in panels, with chair, discussant and at least three speakers in each. Participants will present and discuss their contributions correlated to research themes of high scientific relevance, about the topic of the conference.

Method - The scientific approach, promoted by the Conference Organizing Committee is characterized by internationality, interdisciplinarity and conviction that only combining different disciplines and efficient research methods will allow us to reconstruct various aspects and facts of the Great History. In this perspective Scholars and researchers in History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Strategic Studies, Geopolitics, Geography, Literature and other fields correlated to the topic in of the Conference, are warmly welcome to participate.
Topics - Particular attention will be given to the ideological debate, the use of propaganda, the evolution of the “war-phenomena”, the issues of the military history, political and social consequences of the conflict, its perception and evolution in popular culture, as well as to the heritage of the Great War in contemporary foreign politics.

Sessions - For the reasons stated above, the Organizing Committee encourages submitting applications, and once analyzed and approved by our scientific committee, will be scheduled in appropriate sessions.

1  International contest
2 War and politics: governments, personalities, political parties, intervention, war goals;
3 Military history: military institutions, military operations, technologies, life in trenches, prisoners;
4 Culture and society:  economics, war production, enrollment, the role of women, propaganda, literature, art and music;
5 The nationality question: nationalisms, separatism, irredentism. The Rome Conference on the oppressed nationalities (1918);
6 The fourth year of the war: entrance of the United States of America, Bolshevik revolution, the social impact of the great offensives.

Scientific Committee

Dominique Arel, Ottawa University
Annette Becker, Paris West University Nanterre La Défense, Museum of the Great War and Research Centre
Francesco Benvenuti, University of Bologna
Antonello Folco Biagini, Sapienza University of Rome
Stefano Bianchini, University of Bologna, Center for East-Central European and Balkan Studies
Paola Carucci, Manager of Historical Archives of the President of the Republic Mariam Chkhartishvili, Ivane Javakhishvili, Tbilisi State University
Daniele Conversi, University of the Basque Country and Ikerbasque, Bilbao
Roberto Pasca di Magliano, Sapienza University of Rome
Pasquale Fornaro, University of Messina
Ljubomir Frčkoski, St. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje
Altay Goyushov, Baku State University
Ivo Goldstein, Ambassador of Croatia to France University of Zagreb
Cesare La Mantia, University of Trieste
Mark Levene, University of Southampton
Andre Liebich, Graduate Institute of International and Development Study, Geneva
Giovanna Motta, Sapienza University of Rome
Mario Morcellini, Sapienza University of Rome
Matteo Pizzigallo, University of Naples Federico II
Julius H. Schoeps, Moses Mendelssohn Centre for European Jewish Studies, Potsdam
Stanislaw Sierpowski, University of Poznan
Cornel Sigmirean, Petru Maior University of Târgu-Mureş
Roberto Sinigaglia, University of Genoa
Zafer Toprak, Bosphorus University, Istanbul
Luciano Tosi, University of Perugia
John Treadway, University of Richmond

Lucio Ubertini, IHP Unesco – Italian Committee